gimme that sweet cancer
askmesaw 8shippedgigs
you can call me billy.
english and proud.
twenty-three 2011 remix, the london girl, that's me...
i travelled to america to see creature feature. twice.
leigh whannell and saw are kinda my life.
ask me about my saw 8 synopsis, i dare you.
i got the first beware of darkness tattoo.
twenty three but still a big kid.
unemployed writer.
frequent airheart cosplayer.
☐ single ☐ taken ☑ forever horror-alone.
expect ramblings, pictures, creative pieces, rants, horror movies, other movies, television, comic books, nerdy shit, disney, food and loads of other crazy things that pop into my head.
oh, if you see any anon messages from jewbacca, it's my best friend stacey ♥